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Memory Presets: Preset Stations (FM:18, MW:6, LW:6)Memory: Auto Memory


RDS Functions: AF, TA, TP, PTY, EONPTY (Programme Type) Display

Disc Player

Disc Type: CD PlayerDisc Playback Type: CD, CD-R/RWMusic Playback: CDDA, MP3, WMA PlaybackM.I.X. Random PlayRepeat: Track, AllPlayback Control: Play/Pause/Forward/BackwardCD Text DisplayCD Text Name Search24-bit DACZero data Mute

USB Media Connection

Front USB ConnectionMP3, WMA, FLAC PlaybackFolder Up/DownM.I.X. Random PlayRepeat: Track, Album, AllUSB AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0

Sound Tuning

Subwoofer Level AdjustmentBASS ENGINE SQ: Level Control 0-6Subwoofer Phase Select: 0°/180°Subwoofer System SelectHigh Pass FilterLow Pass Filter2V Voltage 2PreOuts10 Equalizer PreSets: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country and Classical3-band Parametric Equalizer


Power Output: 4 x 50 W High Power AmplifierDisplay LCD: 14 Segments White LCD Display 1LineControl Type: Rotary Encoder KnobGreen/Red Selectable Illumination Buttons 2 PreOuts (2V, Front + Rear/Subwoofer)24-bit DACFront AUX Input (3.5mm mini jack)Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready-20dB MuteRemote Control ReadyClockDetachable DIN Trim PlateDetachable Face PlateDimmerPower Antenna LeadRemote Turn-On


Max Power Output Ratings Max Power Output: 4 x 50W

FM Tuner Tuning Range: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
MW Tuner Tuning Range: 531 - 1,602 kHz

LW Tuner Tuning Range: 153 - 279 kHz

USB USB Requirements: USB 1.1/2.0

Max. Power Consumption: 500 mAFile System: FAT 16/32

Sound Tuning

Subwoofer Level Adjustment: 0 to 15 dBSubwoofer Phase Setting: 0° or 180°High Pass Filter: Off, 80/100/120 HzLow Pass Filter: Off, 80/100/120 HzBass Level Control Range: ±7 dB at 100HzBass Center Frequency: 60/80/100/120 HzBass Band Width Adjustment (Q): 4 choices (0.5=wide, 1.0=medium, 1.5=medium, 2=narrow)Treble Level Control Range: ±7 dB at 10 kHzTreble Center Frequency: 7.5k/10k/12.5k/15k HzTreble Band Width Adjustment (Q): 2 choices (0.75=wide, 1.25=narrow)Mid Level Control Range: ±7 dBMid Center Frequency: 500/1k/1.5k/2.5k HzMid Band Width Adjustment (Q): 4 choices (0.75=wide, 1.0=medium, 1.25=medium, 1.5=narrow)


Power Requirement: 12V.DCPre Output Voltage (Before Clipping): 2V / 10k ohmsAux In: 1.4V / 10k ohmsMaximum Mounting Angle: 30°Weight: 1.2 kg


Din Size: 1 DINChassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 50 x 177 mm



Artnr: ALPINE CDE-201R
Lagerstatus: I lager


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